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PhysioTools provides the complete exercise software solution for you and your clients. Whether you choose to install or prefer the ease of using software online, PhysioTools has the right product for you.

Exercises have descriptive instructions and clear images displayed as line drawings, colour illustrations, photographs and videos.

Individual modules:
Purchasing an individual module such as General Exercises is a great way to start your PhysioTools Library. Use one or combine several modules to create your handouts. All individual modules are supplied on CD - there is no setup fee or on-going costs.
Professional Collections are a cost effective way to purchase a pre-selected range of modules with occupation specific content. All Professional Collection are supplied on CD - there is no setup fee or on-going costs.

Physiotherapy Professional Collection
2. Occupational Therapy Professional Collection
3. Chiropractic Professional Collection
4. Sports & Fitness Professional Collection
5. Osteopathy Professional Collection
6. Manual Therapy Professional Collection
7. Paediatrics Professional Collection