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  • Movement analysis research
  • Rehabilitation
  • Ergonomics
  • Sport science
  • Infant research
  • Neurological studies
  • Teaching
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KinePro is the full integration of video and wireless EMG, as one professional movement analysis solution.

KinePro is a 2D Windows based motion analysis software with integarated EMG. With KinePro you can have immediate viewing of the acquired data on the screen. Please see Kine View for all video analysis features of KinePro. The exact synchronization of EMG signals with the video data ensures validity and reliability. KinePro allows for the input of up to 12 EMG channels. It provides the user with four different interactive tools to be used for video analysis, including the automatic tracking feature. KinePro builds on the ultimate EMG technology. These surface EMG units are the most advanced units available on the market today. Data is transmitted via radio waves to a computer-connected receiver. No belts or any other artifacts are necessary; the units are completely wireless. This enables the subject to have the utmost freedom of movements. The signal is digitised only a few millimeters above the skin catching a clean signal.  Digital transmission and error control ensures maximum quality of the signal. The intelligent EMG units enable data acquisition from as far as you want. Even if the measuring unit is out of radio range data will be collected and stored by each unit. This data can be recovered as soon as the unit is within range again. No data is therefor lost, and there are no distance limits with KinePro. Batteries are rechargeable and the unit is very light and easy to attach to the body. KinePro is available in 4, 8 and 12 channels.
KinePro combines video, 2D movement analysis and EMG data acquisition. With KinePro motion analysis becomes simple and easy, yet highly objective and precise. A single click of a mouse button initiates a recording of synchronised video and EMG. KinePro us the cutting-edge tool for the assessment of movement and muscular activity in a great variety of fields such as movement analysis research, rehabilitation, ergonomics, sport science, infant research, ect. Subject can be evaluated during real life activity in the lab or in their natural setting. Note that KinePro has the same video analyses features as KineView, that you can read more about here.  
Click here for more information on KINE VIEW  
  • Immediate viewing of acquired data 
  • Single click recording synchronises video and EMG 
  • Provides raw, rectified and integrated EMG
  • Integral database
  • Automatic reports
  • Multiple options of export
  • No VCR or TV needed
  • Unique wireless technology, no wires at all on subject
  • Memory capacity for acquisition outside of radio range
  • Ultra light (30g) intelligent EMG units
  • Digital recording, transmission, storing and error detection
  • Powered by rechargeable batteries
  • Combines KineView 2D movement analysis with the wireless EMG hardware
  • Measure positions, lengths, angles, time and amplitude
  • Records EMG signal up to 12 channels
  • Unique design makes EMG units fast to apply to subject
  • No wires gives subject total freedom to move around
  • Minimal skin preparation
  • Small self-contained measuring units
  • Graphical representation of data
  • High quality signals
  • Brings objective methods to the clinic
  • Brings efficiency to the research
  • Cost effective