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Kine Live is a great tool for the busy clinician. In just a few minutes you can analyse muscle contractions and muscle synergies in movements. The wireless EMG technology enables the patient to move freely while looking at the signal on a computer screen or you can even project it at a wall in your training room. With the built-in recording function you can quickly analyse the signal from trial movements and get the patient working on his problem.  Biofeedback is a scientifically proven method with benefits in various situations for instance enhancing muscle contractions after operation or relaxing tense muscles from repetitive strain injuries. The visual biofeedback also makes KineLive a great tool to improve motor control because it gives the patient knowledge of his performance while doing the movement.  Already in the first training session subjects learn how to alter their timing and contraction of muscles thus improving muscle synergies and moving patterns.  To solve a problem you must know the problem. KineLive you is a tool which helps you both  in the evaluation and treatment.   
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  • Highly advanced wireless EMG-Biofeedback
  • Great visual feedback
  • Optional audio feedback
  • Fast to apply and easy to use
  • Saves time & makes therapy more effective
  • Monitors your patients work
  • Recording and storing periods of muscle work for analyzing & comparisons
  • Automatic reports
  • Increasing muscle awareness with better transfer from therapy to real live situations
  • Higher client throug put
  • Increases quality of your work
  • Objective documentation
  • Motivates the client
  • Saves time by monitoring clients work sessions.