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Athermal Therapy with Pulsed Mode: In the pulsed mode, high-output microwave energy is delivered in repeated pulses, providing deep penetration into body tissue. This provides superior therapeutic effects, wider applications and reduces the possibility of burns. This mild thermal therapy is suitable for both acute and chronic conditions. 

ITO PM 810 – One Channel ITO PM 820 – Two Channel

§          New Type Applicator
A new applicator was designed specifically for clinical applications to dramatically improve convenience. Users no longer need to change the applicator, even when using applicators for different purposes or in different treatment areas.
§          Space-saving design
This unit is smaller than previous models allowing it to fit into smaller areas.
§          Peak Power of 1500W
With mean pulsed output of 0-200W with a peak power of 1500, and a mean output of 10-100W, the unit raises tissue temperatures – giving a mild sense of warmth even at peak output to promote blood circulation, with dramatic benefits for joints, muscles, neuroplexuses etc.
§          New Alternate Oscillation Mode (PM-820 only)
Advantages of alternate oscillation mode:
1.        Two patients can be treated simultaneously
2.        The treatment are and related nerves can be irradiated simultaneously, reducing treatment time and creating synergetic effects.
3.        Radiation can be applied from two sides, with the treatment area placed in between. Depending on the condition being treated, this feature alone may make therapy more effective than treatment from a single side. 

Power supply: 110 or 220VAC 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: PM-810 700VA, PM-820 760VA
Frequency: 2450Mhz + 50 MHz
Output Power: Max.200W with a fixed peak power of 1500W or 100W (mean)
Timer: 0-30 minutes
Safety Class: Call I, Type B
Dimensions: 330(W) x 395(D) x 290(H)mm
Weight: 28kg (PM-810) 36kg (PM-820) 
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