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Closed Loop Trainer

Exercise  is good, but targeted exercise designed to address neuromuscular functional deficits is ideal. Weak and injured joints and muscles run the highest risk of -re-injury and have the greatest potential for performance improvement. With the new HUMAC 360you can provide your patients and athletes with functional measurements and targeted exercises, all  with the equipment you already own.

Compatible with any Windows computer, the HUMAC 360 is a small box that offers big results. Measuring 4” x 4” x 4” and weighing just 4 pounds, the HUMAC 360 attaches to any patient or exercise equipment in seconds, using a 16’ retractable nylon belt. When the belt is pulled the HUMAC Software reports velocity, distance, and if weight is recorded, power. These functional parameters are displayed on the screen for proper pacing and distance and in reports for evidence based rehabilitation.


Isokinetics, Humac Norm Closed Loop 
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In the clinic, the lab, and the weight room, the HUMAC 360 measures velocity, distance, and power for almost any exercise pattern.
With this capability clinicians, researchers, and strength coaches can:
• Document the need for exercise based on functional tests measuring control, response, power, and fatigue.
• Keep patients & athletes engaged with challenging interactive biofeedback that incorporates more systems to address their functional deficits.
• Save on instruction time by using protocols that walk patients and athletes through exercise routines and provide speed and range-of-motion biofeedback any exercise machine in seconds.    

STEP 1 - SET UP: Choose an exercise pattern & attach the HUMAC 360 to the person or exercise machine such as a weight stack, olympic bar, resistance band, or shuttle.  
STEP 2 - BIOFEEDBACK: During testing and exercise the HUMAC 360 displays real-time biofeedback for pacing, range-of-motion limits,and motivation. Includes 10 engaging display choices.  
 STEP 3 - RESULTS: The HUMAC 360 offers eight full-page test and exercise report formats that document functional performance and track improvement.