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Therapy System
Designed with functionality
in mind, the cart provides
from 4 to 6 bins for stora-
age (depending upon
whether or not vaccum
options is added). The cart
integrates with the main
unit to minimize card and
cable hassles.
Product Code: 0311A
Intelect Mobile
Battery Pack

A self-contained Nickel
Metal Hydride battery that
is conveniently stored in
the bottom of the Intelect
mobile Ultrasound, Stimu-
lation, Combination, or
Laser Unit.
Product Code: 27478
Intelect Advanced
Carry Bag
A ruggedly constructed
bag to easily transport the
Intelect Advanced unit. All
bags are specially
designed to hold the unit 
securely in one side and
compartmentalize all
necessary accessories in
the other.

Product Code: 0353
Operator Remote

The operator remote
conforms comfortably to
the operator's hand to
allow treatment stop, start,
or pause at any time
during the session. The
remote also functions to
change amplitude. Each
remote is colour-coded to
allow designation between
Product Code: 27508
EMG Data Cards

EMG data cards record
EMG sessions from the
Intelect Advanced unit
for download to the PC for
analysis and reporting.
Product Code: 27167

Patient Data Cards

Patient data cards allow
patient modality and pain
profile information to be
recorded from the Intelect
Advanced unit and
reviewed on a PC, or filed
with patient's treatment
records for use in further
treatment sessions.
Product Code: 27465
(Pack of 25)

Laser Probes

Innovative design at its
finest with these LED,
Laser diode and Cluster
Probes. Available in a
variety of output powers
from 10mw to 1440 mw,
depending on type.
Laser heads available
in single point, or
cluster head. Many to
choose from. Ask for
more information.
Ultrasound Applic-
Pre-calibrated, waterproof
and ergonomically
designed sound heads
which operate at 1 and 3
Mhz frequencies. The
applicators are equipped
with coupling indicators
and are interchangeable
betweem all Intelect
Advanced and Intelect
Mobile units.
Product Codes:
²: 27333
2cm²: 27334
5cm²: 27335
10cm²: 27336
HiVolt Probes

The HiVolt Probe kit inclu-
des a light-weight HiVolt
Prove and two sponge
covered applicator tips
(15mm and 18mm)
Product Code: 79977
Vaginal Electrode

Anal Electrodes
Product Code: 0094
Self-Adhesive Elec-
The carbon film electrode
provides comfortable and
effective stimulation
through the unique silver
printed conductor. Flexible
yet sturdy conductor
offers increased durability
and ease of removal. Soft
and comfortable lead
wires offer superior grip.
Product Codes (4pck):
3.2cm Round - KF2.3D
5cm Round - 1104
5X5cm Square - 0090
5X10cm Rectangle - 0092
5X13cm Rectangle - 1228
Electrode Sponges

Electrode sponges are
available in the following
Product Codes (pck 4):
4cm x 6cm - 79969
6cm x 8cm - 79970
8cm x 12cm - 79969

Rubber Electrodes

Rubber Electrodes are
available in the following
Product Codes:
4 x 6cm - 79966 (1x)
6 x 8cm - 1063 (1x)
8 x 12cm - 79968 (1x)
Vacuum Electrode
Provides secure electro-
therapy application to the
body. Available in the
following sizes: 

60mm and 90mm
Vacuum Sponges

Available in the following
65mm - 0280
90mm - 0281
Nylatex Wrap

Product codes:
6cm x 60cm - 0540
6cm x 120cm - 0561
10cm x 91cm - 0541
EMG Lead Wires
Newly designed with a rip
stop feature and colour-
coding on the connectors
to eaily distinguish 
between channels 1,2.
Code (Ch 1): 27321

Code (Ch 2): 27322
Stim Lead Wires
Newly designed with a rip
stop feature and colour-
coding on the connectors
to eaily distinguish 
between channels 1,2,3,4.
Product Codes:
CH1 - 27312
CH2 - 27313