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 Active Care
Software for Chiro's
Features of Exercise Pro - Active Care are extensive. You receive over  2700 unique exercises that print out with clear instructions and illustrations. And with over 160 Education Topics, many with pictures, the software is versatile and comprehensive. Exercises can even be printed in English, Spanish, and French! Exercise Pro - Active Care has EVERY feature that any other program has AND MORE!  

Exercise Pro Active Care is specifically designed with the Chiropractor in mind. The software has all of the features of our Rehabilitation product, but we have removed exercises not used in Chiropractic. What this has done is allow us to reduce the price and retain the same quality of our hospital and acute care Exercise Pro version. In other words, you are not paying for exercises you don't need or use. We can always upgrade you to the full rehab version should you ever have the need for the complete system.

The 2700 exercises leave you with a program perfect to promote an active and controlled exercise program for your patients. We have left in all the exercises with weights, elastics, and fitness center equipment. You also have access to all the general mobility exercises associated with the geriatrics section. Aquatics, Yoga, Pilates, Medicine ball to mention a few are still available.
All the user features that makes Exercise Pro the leader have remained, so the Chiropractor has access to all the great features such as adding exercises, editing text, printing in a variety of formats, email exercise programs, printing education handouts, and creating protocols. Active Care lets you search for exercises in over 20 different ways.  Search by body part, muscle, muscle groups, multi-picture layout, word search, or favorites.

1. Search for Exercises with numerous (over 20) different methods and by specific exercise type, movement, position, equipment, and more.

  • Tab layout for efficient location of exercises
  • Search in a list by body part
  • Search by individual muscle and muscle groups
  • Search by movement and position
  • Search favorite exercises by Doctor
  • Search using the visual body
  • Search results with list or picture  either with or without names
  • Search by typing the exercise name, number or boolean search
  • Bookmark favorite exercises for easy and fast retrieval
  • Print layout preview search
  • Create custom search tabs
  • Create programs by number selection
  • Technical and common name search  
  • Saves exercise programs by client name
  • Options to print programs with or without text
  • All exercises print with sets, reps, frequency/week or day, as well as rest periods and rate
  • All exercises may be flipped left or right
  • Prints date grid to enhance client participation
  • Your Business Logo can be added and prints out on handouts

    Allowing this variety not only improves your efficiency and productivity, it means that ANYONE can find the exercise they want.
Click on the thumbnail below to view screen shots of Exercise Pro Active Care 

2. Email Exercise Programs - In addition to being able to print out a variety of exercise handouts you may also email them.  Great for Home Health and traveling patients.

3. Add your own exercises. Supports color images and/or import a black and white illustration. Add up to 2 color photos for each exercise.

4. A built-in illustration maker for adding your own exercises. Sure, we let you scan and import like almost everyone else, but no program has a built-in picture maker. We give you a stock library of parts to make your own exercises. Or copy parts of the ones already in the program.

5. Full page education topics and exercise theory handouts that print in Spanish. Even add import or create your own.

6. Print numerous exercise handouts. Print 1,2,3,4,6,9,12, or 40 exercises per page. Print two types of tracking grids for patient progress recording. Print custom cover pages. Print a condensed exercise handout for "Onsite" or supervised fitness programs. And more.

7. Include Target Heart Rate for cardio exercises. Add your own logo to the reports. Ability to print exercises with a left or right orientation. Create programs with Pyramid sets and reps. Choose from multiple stock comments. Print with exercise numbers, common or technical names, with or without date, or blanks.

8. All exercise handouts may be printed in English, Spanish, and French.

9. Export all reports to PDF.

10. Create your own protocols. Has over 50 predefined protocols. Saves time making exercise programs.

11. Change the search criteria of an exercise.

12. Global exercise defaults based on specific exercise types.

13. Keeps records of amount of weight and/or color of elastics. Also lets you have default comments on specific exercises, protocols, and for general handouts.

14. Complete Network compatibility.

15. No extra modules to purchase. We include geriatrics, exercise balls, elastic, weights, fitness center equipment, functional exercise, yoga, Pilates, power/agility, dynamic, Body Blade, aquatics, foam roll, and more.

16. Password protect for HIPAA compliance.

17. Built-in Back Up/Restore of data, automatic or manual Program Save. The chart copy will let you type daily notes or comments.

18. Other great features include a built in spell checker and video tutorial. Numerous reports including a thumbnail summary of the exercise database.

19. Other considerations : We provide free update patches that ensure your software runs on the latest systems. We do not duplicate exercises in our count. If we like an exercise proposed by you we may add it for free. If you ever have to re-install due to a computer failure or loading it on another, you do not have to wait for a new code or pay again. Exercise Pro is touch screen compatible. Free technical support by toll free number, by email, or by fax.

For ease, speed, and reduction of confusion, only two screens need to be accessed for most applications. No more "getting lost" in a jumble of multiple screens. The search screen is the home base and the key for easy exercise selection.

Exercise Pro Active Care prints in a variety of formats. Print with a large picture and large text for those patients with less than perfect eyesight. Print 6 to a page for the younger groups. You have complete control and versatility. You can even print a special copy for your patient to take to the gym with them. Complete with sets and reps.

Active Care prints out a chart copy for your documentation. The chart copy even has a place for you to write or type a daily note. Our education topic section has general information for your patient. There is even information included that can help direct you in exercise prescription.