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QUALYSIS - MOTION CAPTURE - Qualysis Motion Capture 

Qualysis Motion capture  
Gait Analysis
An objective method for analysis of walking patterns 
The human gait has traditionally been studied subjectively through visual observations. By combining measurement technology and biomechanical modeling, human gait can now be objectively done. Gait analysis research and development is an ongoing activity, with new models and methods continually evolving. Today, Physiotherapists, orthopedists and neurologists all use gait analysis to evaluate a patient’s status, treatment and rehabilitation.   
Qualysis Gait Control

Key Features:

  • Flexible analysis functionality
  • Suitable for both research and clinical purposes
  • Integrated report builder
  • Plug-in Architecture
  • User-defined calculations
  • Objective data with high precision
  • Integrated motion, force and muscle analysis
  • Several biomechanical models implemented
  • Integrated tools for custom defined analysis
To View the Qualysis GAIT analysis Brochure click here:
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 Qualysis Gait Control
Right Knee angle in sagittal
Qualysis Gait Control
Visualization of motion data
QTM with EMG Plug-in
Complete integrated system for capture of motion, EMG and force 

Qualysis QTM with EMG 


Qualysis has launched a new version of
the Qualysis Track Manager (QTM) software
with complete integration with Mega Electronic
and Noraxon’s EMG units. All the basic settings
for the EMG devices can be done from inside
the QTM software and all data can be captured
directly to the QTM environment for further analysis.
Only one single laptop, or desktop computer, is
needed for the integrated system, greatly
simplifying the data acquisition process.
The new EMG integration, added to the existing
integration with common force plates, provides
for east acquisition of different data with
synchronization. The data can be viewed in
real-time and exported in one C3D format file,
or three separate TSV format files.

To view the Qualysis QTM
brochure click
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Complete integration of EMG and Motion capture.

  • Up to 16 EMG channels
  • Quick feedback
  • Easy to compare different data sets
  • Wireless trigger unit
  • A Qualysis motion capture system
  • A mega ME6000 unit or Noraxon WLAN unit
  • A portable or stationary acquisition unit (computer)
  • Runs on Windows 2000 or Windows XP Professional 

    Click on the image below to view
    setup of QTM with EMG Plug-in:
Visual 3D
A powerful software package for visualizing and analyzing biomechanical data 
Qualysis Visual 3D To view the Visual 3D Brochure click here
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Visual3D is an advanced analysis package for
managing and reporting optical 3-D data.
Visual3D, together with Qualisys Motion Capture
System, provide an advanced and affordable
solution for biomechanical analysis.
has been tested in scientific and clinical labs
worldwide and is the preferred solution for
rigorous and accurate 3-D motion analysis.
Visual3D was designed and developed by
C-Motion, Inc, one of Qualisys’ global, strategic
partners for the development and marketing of
clinical and research applications. Qualisys
Motion Capture Systems are now offered
together with the Visual3D software. 

  • Supports the C3D file format
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Flexible Model Builder
  • Kinematic and kinetic analysis
  • Synchronized video
  • Cclinical reports 


·     Visual3D offers you cost saving

 Efficiency improvements by:

  • Automating processes to save money through reduced cycle times, reduced opportunities for mistakes and reduced training needs
  • Having the flexibility to customize the system to meet your local, specific data collection, formatting, processing, analytic and reporting requirements
  • Generating consistent reports across trials, time and systems for performance quantification and analysis 
Runs wih portable or stationary computer with Windows 2000, XP or Vista Facility Licenced - no dongle

Qualysis Visual 3D Model Builder
The core of Visual3D is the Model Builder, a flexible biomechanical modeling tool that can be used to define
an unrestricted number of rigid segments and link them
together. The Visual3D biomechanical model defines
each joint to have six
degrees of freedom.
The generalized six
degrees of freedom modeling
allows for the analysis of virtually any
human, animal or mechanical movement
assistive technologies).

VISUAL 3D includes:
Tracking, Automatic Labeling
& Event Detection, Scripting & Workflow, Visualisation.
(more information is included in the Visual 3D brochure)