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Hi Tech Therapy provides a Technical Service Department as back-up support on the wide range of products our clients use in their practices.When you purchase equipment you buy a relationship with a company that will last for the life of that equipment. The technical department is an integral part of that relationship. We use modern state of the art test equipment to assure that all repairs, testing and maintenance work is done to meet with the original manufacturers recommendations. Technicians are highly qualified and internationally trained.

All our equipment is calibrated and certified, ensuring you have peace of mind when using the equipment.
In an effort to ADD VALUE to your purchase, the technical department can contribute in the following way:
  • Telephonic customer support - customer queries can be resolved efficiently by telephone.
  • Web site based customer support - customers can e-mail a query or question.
  • Documentation and assessment report - all work conducted will be accompanied by accurate documenation to compliment the work performed.
  • Insurance claims - technicl assessment reports can be utilized in insurance claims on selected items and failures.
  • Service Certificates - equipment received for an annual service or a repair will receive a service certificate to verify correct operation functions.
  • Equipment Maintenance Plan - we will incorporate future maintenance schedules that can be acquired with a new purchase or added to existing equipment.
  • Service contracts - for departments with high volume of equipment or large facilities, service contacts will free the burden , as we will logistically control all service and repairs to your equipment.
  • Peace of mind - by knowing that back-up support is always just a phone call away, you can concentrate on running your business.
  • All brands are serviced and maintained including: Chattanooga, Dynatronics, Enraf Nonius, EMS, Metron, Physiomed, Uniphy etc.
 We promise to keep your equipment as good as new!

The following tests are performed:
1. Ultrasound Calibration and Verification (where applicable)
2. Electrotherapy calibration and verification on all modalities incl: IFC, Premod, Russian, HiVolt, Microcurrent, VMS, Galvanic, Biphasic etc
3. EMG Verification and calibration
4. Qualitative test, ie checking for the following: LED display, lights, casing, tactile feel of buttons and switches, overlays, potentiometer and turning knobs, batteries, fans etc.
5. Quantitative test. Verification of measured outputs ie. if ultrasound output says 1 watt/square is 1 watt/square cm!
6. Leads and Accessory tests. Incl. Check on conductivity levels of electrodes, leads, ultrasound applicators and related accessories.
7. Preventative maintenance. Don't wait for your unit to break down - rather send it in annually for an inspection and preventative maintenance.
8. Assessment and Electro Safety certificates. Invaluable for patient liability concerns and compliance with electro-medical regulations and standards. 

Tel: 011 704 0002
Fax: 011 704 4999