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Tuli's Heavy Duty
Heel Cup
Equip your heel with
the ultimate shock
absorption required
for high impact work
or play.

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Tuli's Gel Heel Cup
 Maximum, all day
protection and shock absorption delivered
by soft gel heel cups.

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Tuli's Classic Gel
Heel Cup
Tuli's classic support in
a lighter, softer but
resilient gel cup.

Tuli's Heel Fatigue
Perfect heel protection
for shoes that cannot accommodate other products.


Tuli's Road Runner
Designed to be the most comfortable, longest-
lasting full-lenth insole
on the market.
RoadRunners can make
any shoe feel new


Tuli's Mustang

Want any pair of shoes
to feel better?
Mustangs will do it.


Tuli's Personal
Fatigue Mat
Need relief but don't
have a lot of room in
your shoe?
Personal Fatigue Mats
keep going stronger
and long.


Tuli's Energy Tracks
Shock absorption from
heel to toe designed for people on their feet all

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Tuli's Gaitors
Soft heel, adjustable
arch support that fits
almost any shoe.

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Tuli's Metertarsal
Instant relief for when
the balls of your feet
are tired, swollen, or a
ching. Perfect for
agonizing forefoot pain caused by wearing high
heels or dress shoes.